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The children attend Music, Spanish and Motor Skill resource classes at least once a week.  Reinforcement is given daily in the classroom.




Children innately love music and the music program reflects this understanding. The children use simple folk melodies, childhood


songs and musical and rhythm instruments. They are also exposed to many different forms and styles of music.  They learn to distinguish beat, pitch, timbre, rhythm and tone through music and movement. Older classes begin basic music theory. Kindergarten and First Grade students participate in Drum Circle activities.




Children are introduced to Spanish words, phrases, songs and customs with the use of puppets, pictures, props, as well as art, cooking and musical activities. The emphasis is on conversational Spanish presented in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Children hear the flow of the language through books and songs, while exploring simple vocabulary through interactive games.


Motor Skills


A structured and sequentially developed program is followed in order for the child to reach his developmental level.  Aerobics, Yoga, cooperative games and locomotive activities promote gross motor ability.  The children use balance beams, balls, ladders, stepping stones, scooter boards and hoops.  Music, shapes, colors, letters and numbers are also combined with the topics of study and paired with movement activities.




In conjunction with units being studied, the children do a variety of enrichment activities.  These include outdoor play, field trips, gardening, cooking and a variety of extra-curricular activities.


Outdoor Play


Children go outside every day weather permitting.  Our well designed playground contains sand areas, childrenís garden, swings, large and small climbing structures, wheeled toys, a playhouse, picnic tables, a shaded grassy area, basketball hoop, garden gazebo, covered patio and a tricycle track.  The large play structure consists of steps, platforms, ladders, dual slide, climbing wall, bridge and tire swings.  In this environment, the child is able to partake in healthful outdoor exercise and develop large motor skills. Outside play provides a crucial physical outlet as well as the opportunity to build on social, cooperative and imaginative play experiences.


Field Trips


Taken in conjunction with units of study, field trips provide an opportunity for the child to apply classroom discussions to real life.  They may include the Witte Museum, the Institute of Texan Cultures, the San Antonio Art Museum, a cave, San Antonio Symphony, city parks, the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, a bakery, the Post Office, a fire station, a wildlife ranch, medical or Veterinarian clinic and local theatrical productions. Field trips are dependent on the availability of Parent drivers.  Drivers are required to submit a valid driverís license, proof of insurance and are given Student emergency information and first aid supplies.




All classes participate in gardening activities. Each class has a garden plot in which they plant, tend and water with a Buddy class of older or younger children. Garden Buddies share in joint celebrations or activities several times a year. A Teacher or Parent is occasionally available to provide enrichment. Fall and Spring flower and vegetable gardens are planted and the children enjoy eating the vegetables they harvest!




The children cook several times a month.  These rich sensory experiences tie into units and topics being explored in the classroom, as well as providing an opportunity to work with measurement, mixtures, discussing proper nutrition, discriminating new flavors and trying different foods. While cooking, Teachers stress proper sanitation, expand on the childrenís language, introduce math and science concepts and involve the children in the preparation, sharing and cleanup of their cooking project.


Science Labs


Children enrolled in 5day 44s, Kindergarten and First Grade attend Science Lab twice a month. Topics of study are enhanced with scientific experiments, projects and explorations. Through engaging hands-on activities, classroom information and scientific concepts are integrated into meaningful connections.


Cultural Arts Activities


A variety of extra-curricular activities are offered during extended day and after school hours, including gymnastics, ballet, cooking, gardening, art and karate. Cultural Arts activities have separate tuitions that may include the cost of extended day and are billed monthly. All Cultural Arts instructors have undergone background checks and are under the supervision of the Director.














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