Grow With Us Campaign


Dear Discovery School Parents, Alumni and Friends,

An exciting opportunity is blossoming at Discovery School.

Fresh from celebrating more than 40 years of magic, our wonderful pre-school is poised to embark on an adventure of growth. Our school has the option of purchasing the next door church building, its spacious lawn and parking lot.

You are invited to “Grow with Us!”

Spreading the Magic    

For many years, the church congregation has been a friendly neighbor, but its pastor has informed school director Mary Stanchak that its building and land are available for sale. The 2,100-square-foot building is composed of meeting space, offices, classrooms, a kitchen and two restrooms.

Our school’s Property Acquisition Feasibility Committee that includes Ms. Mary, parents and teachers envisions that purchasing the property will spread the magic of Discovery School by providing:

·         a fantastic neighbor — ourselves! We will maintain a safe, trustworthy presence next door

·         a grassy, fenced play area for our children to enjoy motor skills and recess activities

·         birthday party and private event space on a rental fee basis for the building and lawn

·         meeting space for teachers’ education seminars, parenting classes and school board meetings

·         wellness and enrichment activities such as yoga and doula classes, tutoring, and arts and crafts offered by family-friendly individuals and businesses who rent the building’s space

·         continuing use of the 10-space parking lot

·         future classrooms: In the long-term plan, renovations would make the building ideal for classrooms and play areas for early and late care.

“Grow with Us” Campaign

The church is selling its property for $150,000.  We don’t want this amazing opportunity to get away.

To make sure we secure the purchase of the building and become our own best neighbor, our school needs to raise the funds by March 31, 2016.

How can Discovery School families, alumni and friends sow the seeds of growth?

·         Conveniently donate any amount through PayPal (  or by visiting the Discovery School office.

·         For only $75, sponsor “A Square Foot of Discovery” in honor of your child, a teacher or loved one to represent the per square foot cost of the building.

·         Join a private investment group that will receive an incredibly competitive interest rate on a minimum donation of $5,000.

·         Purchase naming rights to the building or one of its rooms.

·         Keep your eyes out for fun and entertaining ways to contribute in the coming weeks.

Sowing the Seeds

If you would like to see the promising potential for the church building, ongoing tours will be offered during the Discovery School Carnival on Nov. 7 from 12 to 2 p.m. Also, please visit and share our “Grow with Us” campaign page at

Just like our magical garden, children blossom and thrive at Discovery School. Acquiring the next door property and making it our very own will enhance the school’s mission to “inspire and nurture the love of learning in young children and their families.”

It’s a momentous time to — “Grow with Us”!

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