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Parent - School Communication

Understanding our parents’ feelings, attitudes, questions, and concerns is vital to the effectiveness of our Program.  We encourage parents to share their comments, inquiries, and suggestions. Parents will be informed of any policy changes through written notification. Parents may contact Office Staff at any time.  Contact Us





Room Parent

Each class will need one or two persons to share the responsibility of room parent.  If you are interested, please notify your child's teacher.  A list of responsibilities is available, or can be obtained from the Board of Directors Vice-President.


Parent Club

Discovery School is totally parent owned and run, and there are many ways a parent can be involved.  At the beginning of the school year, parents complete our “Parent Club” form which itemizes opportunities to be involved throughout the year including – babysitting for school events, working in the School library, driving on field trips, making classroom materials, sharing special talents or skills, reading stories, baking, gathering props or arranging for guest performers during special events, or helping with clean-up or work days. Parent volunteers are vital to our fundraising efforts and to our ongoing program activities. Parent Club forms are filed in the Office and made available to Staff and Parents.  


Parent Board of Directors

Discovery School is governed by a volunteer Parent Board of Directors, consisting of a President, two Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, and two Secretaries as well as thirteen members at large.  The Board of Directors determines fees and tuition, oversees the Director, determines an annual operating budget, and is in charge of fundraising events. Board positions are open to all members of the Parent Corporation.  Meetings are held once a month during school hours, and baby-sitting for Discovery School children is available during meetings.  If you are interested in a Board position, please contact the Director, Board President, or a member of the Nominating Committee.


Pre-Enrollment Visits

Prospective parents are encouraged to make a pre-enrollment visit.  They will have a tour of the facility, meet with the Director, and have an opportunity to observe in the classrooms.  These visits should be scheduled in advance with the Director.


Parent Meetings

There are several parent meetings scheduled throughout the year.  These meetings are held to conduct official school business, such as voting in Board Officers.  Two standard meetings are the Parent Orientation, held in August, and Open House, held in May.  Other meetings are called as needed.


Classroom Observations

Parents are welcome on campus at any time, and are equally welcome to observe in any classroom.  Please contact the Director if you would like to observe in a classroom other than your child’s.


Personal Profiles

These data sheets will be given to you at Parent Orientation Night, and should be completed as soon as possible.  This information is extremely useful to the teachers.  It helps them know more about your child, and gives them a greater understanding in developing personalized educational and social goals.



Formal Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled at least twice a year -- in November and February.  Additional conferences may be held whenever a parent or teacher feels it is necessary. Frequent communication and/or telephone contact is encouraged.


Parent Evaluation of Discovery School

Each year, the parents have an opportunity to evaluate the school, curriculum, the staff and faculty.  From this information, the school formulates goals and plans for improvement.














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