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Days of Operation

Discovery School is open Monday through Friday and follows a typical academic calendar. The School year typically begins the last week of August and continues through the third week of May. Our calendar follows area public school calendars and includes Winter and Spring Breaks and Teacher Workdays.



School hours are 9:00 to 12:00, with an optional extended day from 12:00 to 2:00. We offer before school care from 8:00 to 9:00 and late care from 2:00 3:00 every day.




Arrival Procedure

Please have your children arrive at school between 8:55 and 9:05 a.m. In order for each teacher to begin her planned activities on time, your promptness is appreciated. Parents or carpool drivers should sign each child in and indicate any special instructions for the day.


Departure Procedure

Departure time is at 12:00 (2:00 on extended days). The teachers are responsible for the children until the parent or car-pool driver arrives.  At that time, each child should be signed out and the teacher relinquishes her responsibility to that individual.  

Each family should submit a list of persons authorized to pick up their child.  The School cannot release a child without written or spoken approval from the parent. Any person other than the customary adult picking up a child, or one who is unfamiliar to the Teacher, must first be cleared by the Office staff by showing ID and being listed as an authorized adult.  



A zip code list is available at Parent Orientation Night to assist those who wish to form car pools.  Once a car pool is formed, please submit a list of drivers to the office.


Circle Times

This part of the day sets the tone and structure of the day in the morning and provides closure at the days end.  The children are encouraged to express themselves, relate events and learn to listen patiently to their peers.  The shared group time is used for presentation of topics or activities, storytelling, show and tell and wrapping up the day’s events.  It provides time for the children to center and focus on a particular concept, language activity or group sharing.



Play clothes are strongly advised.  Children have many hands-on experiences and the teacher cannot be responsible for or guarantee that your child’s clothing will remain unstained.  Tennis shoes are requested, especially on Motor Skills days.  Please, no boots except for Western Day.  Younger children should send additional diapers, pull-ups, underwear and a change of clothing to be left at school.  In case of an accident, spills or sudden change of weather, there are extra underwear, clothes, sweatshirts and jackets in the office.


Backpacks/Tote Bags

Each child should bring a labeled backpack or tote bag to school each day.  Important newsletters, calendars and projects will be placed in the child’s backpack for them to take home.


Class Calendars/Newsletters

At the beginning of each month, you will receive a calendar of your child’s activities and a Teacher newsletter.  Special events, field trips, birthdays, share-a-snack schedule and weekly topics are included.  Check your child’s backpack or tote bag for your calendar and post it in a prominent place for reference throughout the month.  Also, for those teachers who have a show-and-tell time, the calendar will help your child select materials that pertain to the topics being covered.  Because show-and-tell differs among teachers, please confer with them individually.  A school-wide newsletter is distributed to all families twice a month to keep them informed of School events and news.


Bylaws and Standing Rules

Below you will find links for the Bylaws and Standing Rules that set policies and procedures for Discovery School.

Bylaws - Approved by the Parent Cooperation May 2011
Standing Rules  - Revised January 2011














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